Super Laundeys Web series to tell story of Bollywood strugglers

Produced by Lucky Bisht and directed by Santosh Ojha, the show Super Laundeys, will go live on YouTube on May 7


Super Laundeys , a new web series, will narrate the story around the struggle of aspiring actors and producers. Produced by Lucky Bisht and directed by Santosh Ojha, the show, which will go live on YouTube on May 7, will feature Sanjana Bhatt, Garima Goel, Raj Sharma, Ishan Mishra and Prakhar Sharma, Raj Sharma, Sahil Patel, Sanjay Tripathi, Munish Dev, Naresh Kumar, Lalit Jha, Rama Murthy, Atul Pandey, Vijayant Narayan, Prachi, and Music Director Sunil Devbanshi.

Special Thanku all LCF Production Team: Divakar Shrotriya, Surendra Rautela, Gunjan Nayal, Pooja Bisht & Bhumika 

The series features challenges faced by young boys and girls who keep standing outside the studios and production houses in Mumbai just to get a role of their choice. Bisht, a former NSG commando who has turned producer and has the banner Lucky Commando Films, said: “The web series is a story featuring youths from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar coming to Mumbai to find a place in Bollywood. All three of them (characters) suffer from superiority complex, ego and selfishness.”

“Once the aspirant lands in Mumbai, he learns to lose something to gain anything concrete. In the process of losing and gaining, he learns to bring comedy in tragedy and that’s what the series is all about.”



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