Shraddha Kapoor To The Rescue

Shraddha Kapoor took it upon herself to take the bird to a veterinarian specialising in avians


Shraddha Kapoor, who is keen to work for animal welfare, has already made a beginning. She nursed an injured crow to recovery. The actor took it upon herself to take the bird to a veterinarian specialising in avians. Kapoor is also mustering support for the lockdown zoos initiative. Birds and animals should not be in cages, but in their natural habitat, she says. It has also been a year since she turned vegetarian.


When it comes to preserving and conserving mother nature, actress Shraddha Kapoor has truly become a beacon of inspiration. Time and again she has raised awareness for the atrocities faced by Mother Earth because of us humans. Having a big heart, the actress also inculcates changes within herself to conserve the Mother Earth and tries to help mother nature or stray animals in whatever way possible. This World Nature Conservation Day Shraddha took to her social media and shared some pictures which exhibited the awe-inspiring things that she has done to come to the rescue of nature.

She posted the pictures with the caption: “Making changes within myself for planet earth and mother nature. Been using a bamboo toothbrush (as an alternative to plastic ones), having bucket baths (to conserve water), using alternatives to single use plastic water bottles like copper, glass, and reusable bottles. Trying also to look out for stray animals, turning vegetarian last July 21st, a year ago (because animals are friends) I hope I continue on this journey of working on myself to love our planet and it’s animals more. [sic]”

Truly the actress is one that wants change to occur when it comes to the betterment of ‘Planet Earth’. She inspires us all to do the same and be more caring towards the environment we live in! Here is a link of her post:



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