RIP Sushant Singh Rajput: Jiah Khan’s mother recalls her daughter’s suicide; says, ‘Bollywood has to change’

After hearing about Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide, late actress Jiah Khan's mother opened up as how Bollywood is bullies newcomers. She recalled the incident when her daughter, then-25 had committed suicide.


Sushant Singh Rajput was 34 when he hanged himself at his Mumbai home on 14 June 2020. His death came as a huge shock for everyone in the country. Sushant’s suicide has sparked off the debate of nepotism and mental health all across the country. Fans are devastated and are slamming Bollywood hotshots like Karan Johar, Salman Khan and others who had banned Sushant from their films. Influence of people in Bollywood has always been there. There no denying and a lot of people took the same step as Sushant to end their sufferings. That brings us to the Jiah Khan case. About 7 years ago, the actress on 3rd June 2013 committed suicide.

Jiah Khan’s suicide was an explosive case wherein Sooraj Pancholi, her then-boyfriend had been accused of abetting her suicide. Jiah was just 25. When late Jiah’s mother heard about Sushant’s suicide, she expressed her grief and recalled her experience saying that Bollywood has to stop bullying. “My condolences to Sushant Singh’s family. It is very heartbreaking, it is not a joke. Bollywood has to change, Bollywood has to wake up. Bollywood has to completely demolish bullying,” Jiah’s mother said in a video.

She went on to recall an incident when she tried to find answers to her daughter’s drastic step saying that a CBI officer had asked he to come to India as he had some evidence. “He had called me down from London, said please come we have found some incriminating evidences. I land up over there, he says, “Oh, by the way, Salman Khan called me up, he calls me every day and he says he has invested a lot of money, please don’t harass the boy, please don’t interrogate him, don’t touch him. So what can we do madam?”

“And if this is the scenario, if you’re going to pressurize and use your money and power to sabotage investigations, then I don’t know where citizens are going to go? I want to say, please stand up; fight, protest and stop this toxic behavior in Bollywood,” she added saying that she had taken the matter to the Delhi High Court.

Rest in peace Sushant Singh Rajput, Jiah Khan.


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