PICS: Zoya Akhtar’s house sealed by BMC post neighbour Rekha’s staff & security guard tested COVID 19 positive

A containment notice was put up outside Zoya Akhtar’s house in Mumbai. Zoya is veteran star Rekha's neighbour and as per reports, it was sealed for the same reason.


After Rekha's Bungalow, Zoya Akhtar's Building Sealed as ...The cases of COVID 19 in the state of Maharashtra have been on the rise and amid Unlock, several celebs too have been spotted outside. On Tuesday, a BMC banner was spotted outside Zoya Akhtar’s house that declared it a ‘containment zone.’ Seeing the notice outside the Gully Boy filmmaker’s house left everyone wondering if anyone tested positive for COVID 19.
A day back, senior star Rekha’s building was sealed post her security guard and her 2 staff members tested positive for COVID 19.

On Tuesday, photos of Zoya Akhtar’s house came in with the same banner put up by BMC as was put up outside Rekha’s house after her staff and security guards tested positive for Coronavirus. The banner read, “This area has been declared as ‘containment area’ as a resident is found positive in Corona Virus test.” It further prohibited the entry of any individual and mentioned that social distancing norms must be followed. Rekha too lives next to Zoya’s house and reports have been coming in that her staff and security guards were COVID positive.

While no word has been received from Zoya on the notice, the banner by BMC has been put up outside her bungalow’s gate.

Here are the photos of Zoya Akhtar’s house:



PICS: Zoya Akhtar's house sealed by BMC post neighbour Rekha's ...

PICS: Zoya Akhtar's house sealed by BMC post neighbour Rekha's ...

On Saturday, Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan tested positive for COVID 19 and post that their houses were declared as containment areas. A day later, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aaradhya Bachchan also tested COVID 19 positive. Post that, banners had been put up outside their properties like Jalsa, Janak, Prateeksha declaring them as ‘containment areas’ too.


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