No hefty amount missing from Singh Rajput’s bank accounts, say Mumbai Police

Sushant Singh Rajput's flatmate and creative designer Sidharth Pithani said that he never saw SSR and Rhea Chakraborty fighting.


Mumbai Police, who is investigating the Sushant Singh Rajput case, say that there were only transactions of few lakhs to Rhea’s account and not Rs 15 crore, which SSR’s family is claiming. A senior police official said there were suspicious transactions and told Mumbai Mirror, “All the expenses are related to the rent he paid for his apartment, money spent on travel, hotel stays and renting a farmhouse in Lonavala.” Sushant’s CA Sandeep Sridhar also said the similar thing as he told the tabloid, “I have been handling his account from the last financial year. Whatever amount was there in the account is still there.”

Sushant Singh Rajput’s flatmate and creative designer Siddharth Pithani earlier said, . “He never let Rhea pick up any bills. He was an old-fashioned boyfriend in that sense. And that is all I know.” He further added, “I moved in with Sushant for the second time in January because he wanted to work with me on certain projects. After I moved in, I learnt that between October and December, Sushant was diagnosed with dengue and was subsequently put on medication for depression.” Siddharth further added that he never saw a fight between Sushant and Rhea. “Sushant’s sister Meetu moved in with us for three days after Rhea left and took care of Sushant. He would cry a lot. And then his former manager Disha Salian committed suicide. Sushant was very upset that he was linked with Disha’s suicide,” asserted Siddharth.


On the Sushant Singh Rajput’s family lawyer Vikas Singh said that Pithani’s statement should be taken very suspiciously as he told the tabloid, “Till the other day, he was in touch with Sushant’s family and talking against Rhea. Now suddenly he is singing a different tune.” He asked “This needs to be investigated. Where would Sushant spend such a large amount?” hinting at the investigation of these transactions.


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