Kangana Ranaut On Sushant Singh Rajput: He Was Anxious About Work And How People Cornered Him

"Everyone knows how they ganged up to corner him, everyone has seen. I am ready to talk about it openly," Kangana said.


What connects Kangana Ranaut and Sushant Singh Rajput is that both of them come from a small town and have worked in substantial and content-driven films. In fact, Sushant had even expressed his desire to work with Kangy one day. He had said, “I want to work with Kangana Ranaut because she has a lot of potential and is an amazing performer.”

Kangana has found herself in the midst of another social media war ever since Sushant’s death. Speaking about it the actress says, “We are going through a huge crisis with China, so many Indian soldiers have laid down their lives on the border, yet I can’t stop thinking about Sushant’s demise.”

Recently, Mukesh Bhatt told the media that he had sensed something amiss around a year-and-a-half ago when he met Sushant. He said that he saw it coming and that Sushant was going the ‘Parveen Babi way’. Kangana slammed his statement saying, “Mukesh Bhatt is now claiming that Sushant was heading the ‘Parveen Babi Way’. But what they did to Parveen Babi, everybody remembers.” In 2006, Kangana had starred in a film called Woh Lamhe, which was supposedly based on Parveen Babi’s life, her battle with schizophrenia and her relationship with Mahesh Bhatt.

Recalling a conversation, Kangana said, “Kamal ji told me that he had spoken with Sushant last Monday and he was very disturbed. He mentioned that he had never spoken like that before. He had told Kamal Ji ‘Make a big film with me yaar. I’ve given Chhicchore, I’ve given a hit film but I still don’t have any big films. I don’t’ have the work I want.’ Kamal Ji assured him to do something together once the lockdown is lifted. They were supposed to meet on Thursday, but then this happened. So, clearly, he was anxious about work and he was anxious about the way people have cornered him.”

Kangana reveals that Sushant was the first choice for Ram-Leela and Bajirao Mastani, “When I started out, I had known how Sushant had a contract with a very big production house. He was the first choice for Ram-Leela and he was the first choice for Bajirao Mastani. He could not work on those films which went on to become very big hits. Then of course, he had a certain attitude, he didn’t like sucking up to people. Also, he was very vulnerable…”

“I felt I was in the same place during Manikarnika; it was either do or die. Why is that with us? Why are we being pushed to a point where it becomes a do or die situation for us? I feel after giving a super hit, a huge hit like Chhichhore, it’s okay for him to give a few films that don’t work as much.”

“Why is it with us like after I gave Tanu Weds Manu and Queen, with Rangoon I was declared ‘finished’. I felt the same pressure and I made it through with Manikarnika. But after Chhicchore, he confided in friends that he doesn’t have any work. How does that work? I think it’s very sad the way people are cornered and of course, he had a fallout with the biggies which is very open. Everyone knows how they ganged up to corner him, everyone has seen. I am ready to talk about it openly. If the investigations are done, I will speak about it openly because there’s enough proof in the media. Everyone knows who are the ones who ganged up on him,” Kangana concluded.


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