Hindi movie Niyati Chakra shooting complete at banaras

meeting during niyati chakra shooting with producer lucky bisht


Banaras is the place where people’s from world comes to visit once in a life time
hindi movie niyati chakra shoot complete at that place .
movie directed by santosh ojha.
produced by lucky bisht , music by sunil devanshi , this film features
Sanjana bhatt , Ramkishan gujjar, Amit srivastav , rahul rajput, Abhi pandey with local artist .film producer lucky bisht tells that in this film we show the beauty of banaras .
the moto of this film is ” you will get what you have done ” mean (niyati ) your every work action comes around that’s why film named as niyati chakra
producer lucky bisht also say ” after international film festival this film will be release in India “


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