Chintu Ka Birthday: Six Steps To Survive A Birthday During Lockdown – Chintu Style

As a return gift, Chintu has the best advice and words of encouragement for you - survival steps to celebrate your birthday during the lockdown!

Chintu Ka Birthday poster/picture courtesy: Zee5's Instagram account

Chintu Ka Birthday poster/picture courtesy: Zee5’s Instagram account

You have all showered your love to Chintu and he is glad you could join in for his birthday. As a return gift, Chintu has the best advice and words of encouragement for you – survival steps to celebrate your birthday during the lockdown!

Speaking about the movie, this family drama revolves around a 6-year-old named Chintu, stuck in Iraq with his family in the times of Saddam’s fall. A simple, innocent aspiration to celebrate a child’s birthday is beautifully compared to worldly problems in this unique narrative of an endearing middle-class family tackling the extraordinary situation of the war.

Bake It Yourself:

It’s a team effort, bake a cake together as a family. And baking is always fun, especially with your loved ones! Be it your husband, boyfriend, sister, brother, anyone, working with someone just brings the family closer. True, isn’t it? And who doesn’t like those little fights while getting the work done?


A Different Morning Drill

It’s time to be a good boy and say your morning prayers before your friends show up. Chintu recommends making a wish, he wants a perfect birthday cake. What about you?


The Idea Of Gifting

For your neighbours and friends who come over, Chintu recommends social distancing as a must. Despite a celebration, calling only the cool ones at your house.



The DIY Decor

Try some DIY decor. Chintu’s sister made this lovely art for his birthday. And, this is an out and out the 90s popular trend. Back in the days, when event managers were considered as a luxury, many people used to prefer decorating on special occasions, just like birthdays, on their own, by taking family member’s help. Its fun and a good bonding session at the time of festivities.


Helping Is New Caring

To end your day, a feast for the family is always a good idea, don’t forget to lend a hand to your mother. Not to forget, all the preparations done exclusively by mom will leave her exhausted. A little help never hurts! What do you think?


The Selfie

Don’t forget to pout and take a birthday selfie. No birthday is complete without a picture clicked with the ones who have made your birthday special. What do you think?


The film stars Vedant Raj Chibber as Chintu, Vinay Pathak as Chintu’s father, Tillotama Shome as Chintu’s Mother, Bisha Chaturvedi as Laxmi (Chintu’s Sister), Seema Pahwa as Chintu’s grandmother, Khalid Massou and Mir Mehroos. ‘Chintu Ka Birthday’ is a complete family entertainer with several thrilling moments interspersed between humour, fun, and joy, in a heartwarming drama. The film was screened in 18 cities during the Jagran Film Festival in 2019, and met with overwhelming response everywhere, eventually winning the Best Film (Viewer’s Choice Award).

Chintu Ka Birthday is a film that has been on everyone’s list. Directed by National Award-winning filmmakers Satyanshu & Devanshu Singh and produced by First Draft Ent, Tulsea and Cinemese Twins. Watch this heartwarming tale with your family exclusively on ZEE5.


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