Ashish Chowdhry: I Am Clear It Was My Friends Who Saved Me

Ashish Chowdhry adding that his friends helped him overcome the time when he struggled in life and that they continue to do so.


Actor Ashish Chowdhry admitted that there was a time when he struggled in life, adding that his friends helped him overcome the battle and that they continue to do so. He said friends play a very important role in one’s life, and credited his friends for helping him at every stage of his life.

“I thought I had all the right to believe that I’ve seen and been thru the worst. But it’s subjective. One can’t fathom the pain of the other. So loving and being loved is the only go to. Sharing and listening is medicine. Friends we can do that with means everything,” Ashish tweeted.

“I dipped after 26/11. Even financially. And I’m clear it was my friends who saved me. They save me to date. I can only thank the universe by promising I’ll always be there for them. I’m a phone call away. And I’ve a lot of love and gratitude to give. Friends are our only earning,” he added.

The actor feels “humans sadly have an appetite for negativity”.

“They gorge on gossip, backbiting and judging. It’s business for some and entertainment for many. And insensitively is a more dreadful virus than coronavirus. It’s spread deep. That needs a cure. We need to share sensitivity. Share love,” he added.


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