Armaan Malik: Couldn’t Get Myself To Create New Tunes Even Though I Had All The Time In The World

Singer Armaan Malik on his new international single about lovers separated during the pandemic


Armaan Malik describes Control, his first international number that dropped in March, as his “passport to a new world”. Only three months later, India’s latest export to the West is ready with another single, Next 2 Me. Through the love ballad, the singer-songwriter has tried to capture the yearning of lovers who are separated during the lockdown.

“I read a quote online that said missing someone isn’t about how long it has been since you’ve seen them; it’s about the very moment when you’re doing something and wishing they were by your side. The lockdown has been tough on us, especially on those who are away from their loved ones. I wanted to capture the feeling of missing someone. People will connect with the [sentiment] now more than ever,” says Malik of the song that released yesterday.

For artistes who are continually in search of creative inspiration, being confined within the four walls can be restricting. Malik echoes the sentiment as he says, “For the first month of the lockdown, I did not make new music. I was busy promoting Control. After that, I somehow couldn’t get myself to create new tunes even though I had all the time in the world.”

Armaan Malik

It was only in May that he was inspired to develop Next 2 Me. “When I went through a bunch of beats that my producer friends sent me on mail, one of them stayed in my head. I ended up writing a melody and the hook line that went ‘All I want is you next to me.’ I was confused about how to take it forward. That is when I came across the quote and it made me realise that this is a tough time for people separated from their loved ones. I then wove the entire track around the hook line that I had created. This wasn’t supposed to be my second single, but the emotion felt so relevant that I didn’t want to wait to release it,” he says, adding that the team is developing a quirky animated lyric video.



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