Anubhav Sinha: Social Distancing On A Film Set Can’t And Won’t Happen

Anubhav Sinha opened up about film shoots resuming, and how social distancing is merely a dream when it comes to filming in a pandemic.

Anubhav SinhaAnubhav Sinha

The government has started easing the restrictions of the coronavirus lockdown, which has, in turn, led to the film industry trying to resume shoots. But as far as filmmaker Anubhav Sinha is concerned, social distancing during the times of corona won’t be as easy as we all think.

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Sinha shared, “I’m not bullish about shooting soon. For the next year-and-a-half, shoots will become slower and at least 20 per cent more expensive since a lot of money will be spent on protecting the people who work with you. Social distancing on a film set is an oxymoron. It can’t happen, it won’t happen. We can keep lying to ourselves though.”

Anubhav Sinha may be a workaholic, but he doesn’t miss being on set as of now. “I have been relentless these past three decades. I’ve fallen, stood up and fallen again. When you make the biggest film in the history of Bollywood, Ra.One, and get so much flak, it drains you… haunts you for years. I was exhausted physically and emotionally. So, I am actually happy doing nothing,” he said.

While he’s not in a hurry to be on a film set currently, Sinha is sure that he would make another superhero film before he retires. He shared, “I want the circle to be complete, but it does not necessarily mean a Ra.One sequel. I want to make a big superhero film and I will. I owe it to myself, but not in the next four-five years.”

On the work front, Anubhav Sinha will be reuniting with Ayushmann Khurrana after Article 15 for another project. “I was in the process of finalising the location abroad when COVID-19 [broke out]. So, we thought shooting in India would be safer and started scouting for locations here. We were supposed to shoot from April to June. However, I returned from the recce on March 8, and soon after, we went into lockdown.”


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