After Sonu Nigam takes Marina Kuwar’s name, she puts up a post on depression

Actress Marina Kuwar says she is battling depression as Sonu Nigam mentions her #MeToo incident in his rant about Bhushan Kumar


Actor Marina Kuwar has got the spotlight on her courtesy singer Sonu Nigam. In an all out attack on T-Series honcho Bhushan Kumar, Sonu Nigam said that he operates like the mafia. He slammed him for his control that did not allow any young talent to flourish. Sonu Nigam said that there was a need for kindness in the industry. He told Bhushan Kumar to not threaten him. In fact, he alleged that Bhushan Kumar not famous singers and composers to give interviews against him in the press. Marina Kuwar revealed that she is battling depression on Twitter. She tweeted, “When your life changes drastically due to some unwanted incidents happened in your life, that time you choose to go into depression. No one knows how badly these incidents effect your life. Sometimes we give up and we end up with our life ! Feeling so depressed #Depression #Life #MarinaKuwar.”

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Sonu Nigam has gone on a rant against Kumar in his video. He also trolled a leading daily for carrying press releases as news items. Nigam threatened Kumar, saying, “Marina Kuwar yaad hai na? Woh kyun boli, woh kyun back out ki, mujhe nahi pata. Media ko pata hai. Mafia iss tarah function karta hai. Uska video mere paas pada hai. Ab agar tune mere se panga liya, toh main woh video main apne YouTube channel pe daal dunga (Remember Marina Kuwar? I don’t know why she spoke out and why she recanted her statement. But the media knows. This is how the mafia functions. I have her video. If you mess with me, I will release the video on my YouTube channel).”

Marina Kuwar had taken Bhushan Kumar’s name in the #MeToo scandal. She had accused him of inappropriate behaviour. The lady has said that she has call details of Bhushan Kumar.


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